Radar Clock Widget

Ok, here’s my first watch widget for Tizen watches,

I created a Preferences menu where you can set all elements to your own preferred colors, selectable from a 64-color palette.
For a few elements you can set the visibility too.
At Options you can set the sweep-speed and turn on/off some items.

The widget is programmed to run up to 24 frames per second, but the current Tizen watches don’t have enough processing power to provide that frame speed with real-time JavaScript drawing. Expect about 10 to 12 frames per second for Gear 2.

– Open the preferences by tapping the screen center,
– Return from menu screens by tapping on the title at the top of the screen.
– The preferences are automatically closed after 10 seconds without interaction.

Just fool around with the settings and enjoy!


  • Jeshter2000

    Mad props!! Awesome watch face!!

  • Birchy

    Hi i need help downloaded but wont show in watchstyler unzipped with androzip am i doung something wrong in frustrated as it looks totally awesome

    • wiccan2

      This is a tizen widget, it is installed through the sdk using the sdb command. It is not for watch styler.

      • Birchy

        Thanks wiccan2 got it and it is awsome thanks for your advice :-)

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