TwentyFour Tizen Widget for Samsung Gear.

– Tap screen center (minutes) for some settings.
– Tap screen top to see the current date for a few seconds.
– Tap anywhere else for countdown until midnight. Tap again to change back to normal time.

Moving background: Los Angeles skyline panorama by night.
Switching between time and countdown is accompanied by a few seconds of ear- and eye-candy.

– Enable AM/PM clock.
– Enable mm-dd-yy readout for the date.
– Sound on/off for the time/countdown switch.

Default setting:
– 24-hour clock.
– dd-mm-yy readout for the date.
– Sound on.

If you don’t hear any sound, check Multimedia level in the sound setting of the watch.
If the widget doesn’t seem to start, open another clock widget and then try again.



  • fritxx

    Great job as always

  • sonic23

    I cant play This

  • MartinR

    Sonic23 what do you mean have you seen the How TO ?? This is a native Tizen Widget… Not a watchface for WatchStyler or Multiwatch

  • sonic23

    How to instal

  • MartinR

    Read the HOW TO .. Next week Ill make a video of How you need to install..


    I followed the instructions exactly. Several times. When I try following the howto, I’m told I need to specify a package name. When I type the package name, I get the error “target not found”. The Gear IS connected to the PC via USB and USB debugging IS enabled on the Gear.

  • OpenMind_NL

    Be sure that sdb.exe is at the same location as TwentyFour.wgt.

    Then ype to install:
    sdb.exe install TwentyFour.wgt [Enter]

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