Meter Clock

Meter Clock is a Tizen remake of Meter Watch for Android Wear… plus some extras.


– Put sdb.exe at the same location as “MeterClock.wgt” and “Install_MeterClock.bat”.

(You can download sdb.exe from / How To.)

– Be sure that your watch is connected to your PC by USB.

– On your watch switch on USB debugging ( Settings / Gear info )

– Run “Install_MeterClock.bat”.

This will open a Command window and send the files to your watch.

– On your watch you can use MeterClock right-away.

Restart your watch to make the widget become available in Gear Manager.

-The screen might stay black when you run it the first time.

When this happens switch to another clock widget and then select Meter Clock again.


– Tap display center to open some settings.

– Tap “Settings” title to close settings. Without interaction it closes after 20 seconds.

– Tap anywhere else to show the battery indicator for a second.

– Sleep mode sets the clock to a power saving mode after 10 seconds without interaction.

** Seconds are invisible and display update switches from 7 times/sec to 5 times/minute.

** Background is set to black and the brightest original color is set for the text.

** Brightness is set to 50 percent.

** Battery indicator is always visible

– Automatic language support for English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.


  • thagibbo

    Is there a way too download and use this face like all the others?

  • OpenMind_NL

    This is a widget for the newer Tizen watches.

    Most faces on this site are the older WS-themes, but that will change in the future when the Watch Styler app for Tizen doesn’t get some bug-fixes.

  • yohappy

    great watch Open Mind love your work :)

  • SeanGear

    Hi so does this work on gear 1 with new tizen os on it ? If yes then I can’t work out how even though you tell us lol. Sorry I’m either thick or stupid.

  • bayernmu

    Great job. Thanks!!!!!

  • Beru


    In Windows 8 it will only install when you open a cmd window. Doubleclick on the bat file doesn’t, even in admin mode,

  • SeanGear

    Woho I’m not stupid I’ve worked it out lol great design I’ve finally worked out how to install these time. Designs

  • Twelc

    Really nice job. I appreciate all the hard work you put into your designs.

    I was hung up for a while when it said “…- On your watch you can use MeterClock right-away….”
    I didn’t realize you have to go to Settings, Clock and then select MeterClock.

    Thank you again, it looks pristine on the watch.

  • gman

    Great watch face dude. Thank.

  • gandalf

    Really like your gearface, but I have a Samsung Gear 1. Do you have a compatible version?

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