Kisai Collection

Kisai Collection contains eight watch themes.
Six of them were already available as WS-theme but are optimized, and two themes (Maze & Stencil) are new.

Available themes:
3D, Console, Night Vision, Satellite, XLED, Xtal, Maze, Stencil

Touch Controls:

– Center : Settings.
– Bottom left : Start/stop animation mode.
– Bottom right : Show date for a few seconds.
– Anywhere else : Show control info for a second.

* Date-mode stops animations, except for the Maze theme.
* Most themes show “DATE” or “D” in Date-mode.

– Page Title : Tap to return to the previous screen or leave settings.
– Select theme.
– Main color, Back color
– Options.

General options for all themes;
– 12-Hour : 12-Hour mode instead of default 24-Hour mode.
– Month.Date : shows month first in date-mode.

* Some themes always show 12-Hour mode (3D, Console, Night Vision, Satellite).
The Month.Date setting is also fixed for these themes.
* Most themes show “AM” and “PM” when the 12-Hour setting is on.

There are extra options for;
– Console : Show digital date & seconds
– Satellite : Show digital date & seconds
– Xtal : Select 1 of 8 or all animations

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