Words is a word clock widget for Tizen in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. The language is automaticly selected with your watch/phone settings. English is used when a language is unavailable.


  • JohnBob

    OpenMind your work is fabulous. The options are nice and the time keeping is very close.

  • aced088

    How do I install this face to my Samsung Gear ? its a zip file.
    thank you

    • eulif

      Read how to, there is how install it, just must unzip .zip inside the sdb folder and follow the guide: “sdb install words.wgt”.


  • kasimiro_canarias

    hi, for Galaxy Gear? I have the first Galaxy gear


  • kasimiro_canarias

    What is Tizen?

  • kasimiro_canarias

    In HOW TO only explains Tizen format? Can I use on my Galaxy Gear?

  • Adruhpc

    excelente !! gracias

  • hunnypot

    I absolutely love this watch. One thing I would love to see would be to have the ability to select one of the languages rather than it default to whatever language you have on your phone.

    For example. I live in sweden, but I have my phone set to english as thats what I prefer, but would love to have the watch display the time in swedish. ……. just because and for no other reason really.

    Not being able to do these sort of things myself as I’m not clever enough :-)

    That said… Thanks for the effort involved in making this watch

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