Formula Gear

Formula Gear is a combination of a watch and a chronometer/stopwatch widget for Tizen.

– Define the color of 15 elements to make many variations from classic black-&-white to overly cheery multi-colored.

– In chronometer view, the seconds pointer circles the dial each second and the markers on the outer and inner borders show hundredths of a second. The top-center date display will show milliseconds (= thousandths of a second). The three small chronometers show seconds, minutes and hours.

– The chronometer start-time is stored and the display is constructed by calculating the time since start. This allows the chronometer to continue measuring time when you exit Formula Gear and load another clock-widget. Even an empty battery can’t stop it! When you re-open the Formula Gear widget, the chronometer will continue and look like it never stopped. The only way to stop it, is to tap the reset area of the screen (top right in chrono-view).

– Because of some background tasks in the watch, the display might look choppy now and then. This does not affect time measurement. As long as your watch is synced with your internet-time synced phone, the measurement will be as accurate as possible.

– Although the watch will display up to a thousandth of a second, accurate time measurement will obviously depend heavily on the accuracy of your manual starting and stopping. Therefore, I would not take any value less than a tenth of a second seriously.

More information and manual included in zip file.


  • jackfort

    How do you install so it works on Gear2??

  • boldy1

    Van you install this on gear 1 ???

    • OpenMind_NL

      The original Galaxy Gear (1) is running Android. This widget wont work with that.
      The widgets only work on the Tizen Gears… That is Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear S and the older Galaxy Gears that are updated to Tizen.
      I think this update is available when you connect your Galaxy Gear to a computer with Samsung Kies 3.
      Be aware that none of the “old” Android apps will work with a Tizen updated Galaxy Gear (1)!
      Your watch will change to a complete new operating system where some older apps may not be available anymore… and newer interesting apps become available.

  • manu gomez


  • JohnBob

    Thanks again OpenMind, keep-em coming.

  • jimcottrell

    Awesome as always, hope the donation helps :-)

  • rjmartin4

    I cannot figure out the install process. I have a Gear 1 running Tizen. Could someone please explain those install directions a little better. I cannot get DOS to do anything with the files. HELP!?!

    • TheClarkeAsylum

      Hi there, did you manage to get this to work? I also have a Gear 1 running Tizen but have never been able to install a widget on it and have no idea why not. I’ve followed the instructions on this site but still seem to get nowhere. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

  • hasand

    Many thanks OpenMind

  • puhis

    Great job!

  • Cheetablaze

    I love love this watch face! Is there anyway to make this a minimalist theme? This would look amazing with the three smaller dials gone and the smaller inner ring as well. Please please please make this?

    • OpenMind_NL

      Check out the color settings.
      You can make most items disappear by setting the color equal to the background.

  • jackfort

    Awesome chrono-watch dude. Bluetooth would make it perfect for me.

    Please ;o)

  • wolfkmann

    Love the red version of this watch face! looks great on the gold Gear 2.
    My only comment is, Is it possible for the developer to make a 2.0 version that have a battery meter on the clock face?

  • wolfkmann

    Is this still an active thread?

    • OpenMind_NL

      I received a notification for your post, so I guess it is still active :-)

  • wolfkmann

    You are the creator of this amazing watch, right?
    Is there any way to add a battery level indicator?

    • OpenMind_NL

      First… Thank you for enjoying my design. :)
      Well, I could add a battery indicator, but I think it would break the harmony of the current design.
      As the battery status will always be available by a double-tap on the screen, I don’t think it is very important. ;)

  • wolfkmann

    I was thinking something subtle, maybe under the words “Formula Gear” Maybe something that could be turned on/off in settings.
    As far as double tapping the screen to get the battery status, I was unaware of that. Edit: when I double tap the screen, I don’t get battery status. Depending where I tap, I either get the settings menu for your watch, or toggle to the analog stopwatch.

    • wolfkmann

      Edit Again: sorry, didn’t realize it was a two finger tap that brings up the Controls screen. I see it now

      • OpenMind_NL

        I’m the one to say sorry as I forget to tell that the double-tap needs two fingers :)

  • wolfkmann

    Hi again,

    I saw in another smart watch that when the screen dims, the face goes black but the hands stay dimly lit. Id that possible to do with your watch face?

  • Pierre

    Hi, i am new here, can some one please tell how can i get step by step info, to add watch face to Samsung Gear S watch? thank you in advance.

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