Tread 1

Tread 1 – Tizen widget for Gear
I can not help the feeling that there is still something to be done … But I have no clue what!
So… please let me know when your Gear goes up in flames!

Tread 1 is more or less a copy of the Devon Works Tread 1.
The timepiece had to be adjusted slightly as the original has a rectangular shape where Gear is square.

Additions to the original:
– Date display
– Battery power indicator
– Color settings

More info included in the zip.



  • lover

    Please change the name Open Mind to DEVON

    • OpenMind_NL

      Devon has not cooperated in this widget. It is their design but they do not pay me for my work on this widget. So, the watch brand may be Devon but the widget ‘brand’ is Open Mind.

  • fritxx

    Excellent Job

  • rob147

    I love all the watch faces you make but am jelous caus I have a gear s and can’t get tizen widgets to work. Please tell me there’s a way to use these?

  • zxylady00

    Can the developer make this and Thread 2 available on the Gear S, Please? Greatly appreciated. I will absolutely donate if I can get Thread 1 and Thread 2 on the Gear S, best watch faces Ever!


    How can this Face be converted to work on Gear 1? I like the landscape! Good job…

  • gandalf

    I downloaded the zip and there is no package. Whats up?

  • smokeoloko

    I too would love to have the Tread 1 and Tread 2 on the Gear S and would be willing to donate towards your time and effort – i love the steampunk version of this watch – Just found out that its on sale: – anyone got a spare $20,000?

  • scottbow

    can someone please help explain how i can get this onto a Samsung Gear 2 Neo? I’m not terrible tech savvy :(

  • Ionut Valentin

    hello, can u pls hellp me…? It only unzips html doc and text doc :( Any suggestions?
    thanks !

    • aramintan

      Hi Ionut. I believe that the creator of this watch does not visit this site anymore. However, this looks like a Tizen Widget (it’s not a Watch Styler face). The ZIP contains TXT instructions plus the WGT widget file. Look here ( for instructions on how to install Tizen widgets. I’ve never tried this myself, so cannot verify the quality of the instructions. Any problems, try Googling first off (my first hit is, and then maybe post here again if you’re still stuck (possibly one of the others on this site can advise).

  • OTee

    Nice Work! THX!

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