Tread 2

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Tread 2
As promised… after Tread 1 comes Tread 2.

Tread 2 is more or less a copy of the Devon Works Tread 2.

Additions to the original:
– Date display
– Single minutes instead of every five minutes.
– Color settings

More info included in the zip file.



  • lover

    Please change the name Open Mind to DEVON

    • OpenMind_NL

      Devon has not cooperated in this widget. It is their design but they do not pay me for my work on this widget. So, the watch brand may be Devon but the widget ‘brand’ is Open Mind.

      • JohnBob

        Just love your work OpenMind, with this one I’m able to concentrate on the time because of the cleaner design.

        • turkmen

          I have a Samsung S gear as you install this application? and very different from the others

  • JorgeMario

    Puedo utilizar esta carátula para el Gear 2?, de ser posible me puedes decir cómo.

  • fritxx

    Very Cool as usual

  • nickhodak6

    Love the watches you make, but cannot seem to load them on my watch, I even tried to use a windows machine and run the installer through the terminal. Will these work with the gear 2 neo?

    • OpenMind_NL

      I think they should work on the Neo just like on my ‘normal’ Gear 2.

      – Click “How To” (Link top-right of this site)
      – Download (below the text) and unzip it to get sdb.exe.

      The description on the How To page contains errors.
      Use the following description;
      – Put sdb.exe in the same folder with the wgt-file…. or put the widget file in the sdb.exe folder…
      – On your Gear go to settings / Info Gear and be sure that usb-debugging is enabled.
      – Connect your gear to the PC
      If the device doesn’t connect to your PC, you might need to install the samsung mobile drivers. They install with the Kies software or you can download them seperate from Samsung.

      – Now open a Command window and go to the folder that contains the widget and sdb.exe.
      Use the DOS-command CD (Change Directoy) to do this.
      Example: CD C:\Users\\Desktop\Widgets\ [Enter]
      – When you found the folder type:
      sdb.exe install Tread2.wgt [Enter]
      The widget will now install.


      • OpenMind_NL

        Correction for the CD example above:

        Example: CD C:\Users\username\Desktop\Widgets\ [Enter]

        • Hassaan

          please update in the how to section too , that the command is not just sdb install its
          sdb install “file name.wgt”

          thats for the non tech people .. i learned that after a while by searching on internet ,.

          and these widgets are amazing .. great work

        • JohnBob

          The only way that has worked for me is a Batch-File. Maybe the type of Windows on my computer. (windows 7)

      • gigamatrix

        How to select the widget on the watch?
        sorry I only speak french

      • bttn101

        Hey great watch face. Can you post a video online on how to do this?

  • puhis

    Fasza feszes!

  • BrettCoSK

    I’m trying to install this on the Gear S w Tizen and get, “Signature Invalid”. Do I need to have the SDK installed to install the gearface?


    • MartinR

      Does this state somewhere it is compatible with Gear S? Nope … In time there will be a separate section for Gear S

      • BrettCoSK

        I didn’t see where it said that it was for any specific watch. Hope some Gear S faves are available soon though. Thanks!

  • aZooZa

    Happy to pay for quality like this for Gear S. Please create and I will certainly donate! Great work!

  • nickhodak6

    I did exactly what you said but get this:

    daemon not running. started it now on port 26099 *
    daemon started successfully

    error message: target not found

    The computer recognized my watch as tizen but now shows it as a camera in the devices as SM-R381

    should I try to install Kies?

  • nickhodak6

    Nevermind, found the drivers and got it. Thanks!

  • zxylady00

    I want at least 3 different watch faces from this Dev , but compatible with the Gear S, is there any chance this (tread 1, tread 2, cabistan, etc.) will be made to work with the Gear S? I will gladly pay for them, I love this and just about all of your other faces!

  • zxylady00

    Can the developer make this and Thread 1 available on the Gear S, Please? Greatly appreciated.

    • OpenMind_NL

      I’m sorry, but for Gear S I would have to rebuild al the graphic elements because of the different resolution. Besides that Gear S has a different aspect ratio. It is not square like Gear 2, so it would need a new design to.
      But I guess that the biggest problem of all is that I don’t own Gear S (Galaxy Gear (1) and Gear 2 only), so it would be almost impossible to do some experimental changes and tests over and over again.

      For now I don’t have plans to buy Gear S because I think it doesn’t add anything usefull to my two Gears and Note 3. Maybe Samsung will release something with equal screen resolutin and without phone… basicly a Gear 2 with Gear S screen… In that case I might join the club.

      For now I only did designs that I would like to have myself, so it was no problem to share that for free with anybody who likes them. But working on projects that I would not use myself is something different. Of course I appreciate the bribery attempts with the offer of donations but if you’re aware of the number of hours spent on building a clock (50-100 or more …), you will understand that one or two donations not enough to spend time on it.


    How can this be converted to work on GEAR 1? Like your designs, but many are limited b/c of my Gear 1. Thx!

    • OpenMind_NL

      I think it is possible to upgrade Galaxy Gear (1) to Tizen OS (used on Gear 2) by using the Samsung Kies software on Windows or OS X computers.
      The original Galaxy Gear (1) is running a stripped version of Android, so Tizen OS will not be able to run any side-loaded Android apps anymore.
      And… If you are using digital Watch Styler themes… a lot of them have layout troubles in Watch Styler for Tizen. There’s a an app available for Tizen that will run most digital Watch Styler themes fine. This app, Multi-Watch, is available in the Tizen store for a about 1 dollar / 1 euro.

      Be sure that you really want to change from Android to Tizen before you update, because I don’t think there’s a way back!

  • le-sid

    I’m kind of new here so bear with me. I’ve just installed tread 1 and 2 to my gear1 on tizen. I’m just wondering if there is some kind of adjustment I need to make to get it right. For somewhat reason, I get 1 more hour than the actual time (shows 4:00 if it’s 3:00) Something come in mind? Thank you

  • mrbarcode

    can i use this one with galaxy gear 1

  • Jiimies

    Love this face! Now, if I would have the knowhow to making these I would go after this: . Is there someone who could build this Slow face?

  • OTee

    Nice Work! THX!

  • Andrei Lucian

    Please someone explain exactly or put some photos or video what we need to do to install the watchface to the watch! My head will simply explode ’cause i lost 2 hours on cmd…trying all methods and nothing! We are already so many people that didn t achieve this…like anyoane, i want this beautiful watch very mutch! Thanks

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