Meccanico – Tizen widget for Gear
Meccanico is modeled after the de Grisogono Meccanico

Additions to the original:
– Color settings
– Swap digital and analog display
– AM/PM and mode indicators for the digital display.

The moving mechanics are just eye-candy. They do not represent the movements of the original timepiece.
Some gear wheels have a very slow rotation that you might not notice without a looking glass
The gear wheel at the right of the hands rotates once every 3 seconds. The triangular part on top of it makes the ‘fork’ move up-and-down once a second. The two small gear wheels and some mechanics above the digital display will move with the change of the hours and/or minutes. “Standing” gear wheels do not move at all.
The segments of the digital display are “mechanically rolling” on and off.

included in the Zip:
– User Manual
– Easy install batch file.
– sdb.exe + install/uninstall information

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