AE1200 Peach 12Hr

Casoi ;-) AE1200WHD1A (peach) watch face featuring:
* Digital date (EEE dd MMM)
* Digital time (HH:mm:ss)
* Bluetooth indicator – center of round dial @ top left (connected = light dot; disconnected = no light dot)
* Battery indicator – bottom center (20% range of battery charge explicitly stated)
* Everything else = window dressing
This special 12 hour version as requested by Lewie.

THANKS TO (RARE) DONORS: Over 450 faces posted @ Sep 2015, and maybe only a dozen donations. While I cannot thank you personally, please know that I am very grateful for whatever donations I receive. I devote a lot of time, thought and effort to creating faces, and your small token of appreciation helps make it all seem worthwhile.

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