Beera BRSS2C46 Grn

Beera ;-) Supersport BRSS2C46 (green) watch face with hours, minutes hands and a (dd) date window. The smaller dials are window dressing only, not functional.

THANKS TO (RARE) DONORS: Over 450 faces posted @ Sep 2015, and maybe only a dozen donations. While I cannot thank you personally, please know that I am very grateful for whatever donations I receive. I devote a lot of time, thought and effort to creating faces, and your small token of appreciation helps make it all seem worthwhile.


  • 8bar

    YOU have created some of the best looking, super realistic, 3d special effect style and most beautiful watch faces I have ever seen.
    Thank you so much for your effort.
    But some of them are not available on this platform anymore, why, what happened?
    I mean the Brietl. and the Balgvris ;)
    These watch faces were the reason why I still have my Samsung watch.
    Now I have changed my phone and all of your beautiful faces are gone – what a disaster?
    I hoped that I can download them again from my favorites in the browser but all the links are dead.
    Where are they and is there any chance to get them somehow, PLEASE?

  • aramintan

    Hi. Thanks for the interest. Sadly, the copyright police (lawyers representing those brands) came knocking. This site cannot afford to fight, and so whatever gets complained about was withdrawn. Sorry for that.

    I’ve not been into this site for some time. I stopped creating faces when I upgraded my phone, and couldn’t find Watch Styler anywhere for reinstallation. I probably won’t be back in here again, so am unlikely to be able to arrange access to the faces via some other means. Sorry.

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