Beera BRSS2C46 Grn

Beera ;-) Supersport BRSS2C46 (green) watch face with hours, minutes hands and a (dd) date window. The smaller dials are window dressing only, not functional.

THANKS TO (RARE) DONORS: Over 450 faces posted @ Sep 2015, and maybe only a dozen donations. While I cannot thank you personally, please know that I am very grateful for whatever donations I receive. I devote a lot of time, thought and effort to creating faces, and your small token of appreciation helps make it all seem worthwhile.

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  • 8bar

    YOU have created some of the best looking, super realistic, 3d special effect style and most beautiful watch faces I have ever seen.
    Thank you so much for your effort.
    But some of them are not available on this platform anymore, why, what happened?
    I mean the Brietl. and the Balgvris ;)
    These watch faces were the reason why I still have my Samsung watch.
    Now I have changed my phone and all of your beautiful faces are gone – what a disaster?
    I hoped that I can download them again from my favorites in the browser but all the links are dead.
    Where are they and is there any chance to get them somehow, PLEASE?

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