De Grisogono Rev1

Here it is, Revision 1 of the de Grisogono Meccanico.
It’s been totally redone and at last I’m satisfied with the result.

The face has been completely redone to be sharper/clearer.
I’ve changed the hands to green (like on the real watch) and I’ve kept the seconds hand.
The battery level is larger and stands out more.
I’ve moved the day of the week down between the digital hour and minutes.
The border is still there, but it’s narrower and blends more with the face.

To change the digital to 12H, simply change HH:mm to hh:mm in the json file.
The zip contains the wstheme file.

I’m always open to suggestions and improvements. Enjoy!


  • herbert1980

    Very cool! Can you make one in withe?

    • Dom1n8tr1x

      I will have a look at it during the week, and thanks for the support. ;)

  • angeloxbaba

    hello dom1 I really like your work… Can you make one with the black background and blue neon instead of green ? Ty

    • Dom1n8tr1x

      Sure, I will have a look at it during the week, and thanks for the support. ;)

  • ehhpic

    This is the best looking one I have seen – GREAT work! Can you do one in Orange like the orange gear band? That would be great!

  • bigfoot

    I just found my new gear face ,, fantastic good work…

  • dan04103

    Fantastic work here. Thanks!

  • Plumes

    Pease help me! How to add this theme? There is only one file wstheme how to?

  • Ca_Diez

    Beautiful, do you know if it is posible to have animated backgrounds?, so you may have the gears moving also, It´ll be amazing.

  • koohii

    Great work… just minor question; the digital flip clock isn’t align with the background position. Anyway to fix this ? (I am using a Galaxy Gear 2 Neo.

    Thx again !

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