Install Tizen Widgets

1. Download the attache file
2. Unzip it into a directory on your pc(result file = sdb.exe)
3. Also download one of watch zip files in this thread.
4. Unzip them into the same directory as the sdb.exe (result file = *.wgt)
5. Enable usb-debugging on your Gear
6. Connect your Gear with usb cable to the pc
7. Open a cmd box (dos command window)
8. Go to the directory you just created (cd )
9. Type command:

sdb install

And press ofcourse

Now the wgt file is installed and you can select it on the watch.

Warning: the contains a .exe file.
Normally do not download .exe files directly from unknown sources, they can be infected with trojans and viruses.

Never Ever!!!!!!

But in this case it is safe

Otherwise you would have to install the whole Tizen sdk, only for this one exe file.

Install on Gear S2:

Download and install Gear Watch face designer here: here

– open project in GWD
– connect watch
– Go to Project- distributor certificate and login with your Samsung account to generate a certificate
– Build project (F10 key)
– Run on Device (F9) key)