Presenting the PIP-BOY SM-V700! Features Bluetooth On/Off indicator, Battery Meter, Day and Date and of course the Time. Enjoy my adaptation of this to our Gear!


  • Ioncloud

    Would be cool if you could indicate the current weather by changing the condition ;-) and fit temp somewhere

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    […] folder 4. Find the “pipboy” folder you made and delete it 5. Download and extract this: http://gearfaces.com/pip-boy-smv700 to your “pipboy” folder (You Have to extract the file after you download it and extract […]

  • agents5116

    I’m gonna be honest. This is probably the most bad-ass thing I’ve ever seen. I liked it so much I immediately applied it to my watch, then proceeded to create an account here just so i could tell you how much I loved this. Haha.
    live, love and play FALLOUT!!!

  • motive

    Thanks! Im glad you enjoy it!

  • clocktower

    Is this compatible with the new version of watch styler?

  • liquidshine

    Such a great job on this I love this gear face! But I would like to know if you plan on updating this so it has a weather feature?

  • motive

    Watch styler doesn’t support weather at the moment. But if it does it will be in the works for sure.

  • TheClarkeAsylum

    I’ve only had my gear for one day and, having found this, I think It’s peaked already! Thank you for making it

  • TheClarkeAsylum

    Is there any chance you could add a seconds count to this 12hr version please? I’d love to learn how to make my own but don’t know enough about it

  • snmslrc

    Awesome face motive! thanks for it. hey, is there a way you could make another one but with the background lines transparent? i was gonna try using it as a widget with nova launcher and put the pip-boy live wallpaper as the background behind it. Thank you again!

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