Presenting the PIP-BOY SM-V700! Features Bluetooth On/Off indicator, Battery Meter, Day and Date and of course the Time. Enjoy my adaptation of this to our Gear!


  • Ioncloud

    Would be cool if you could indicate the current weather by changing the condition ;-) and fit temp somewhere

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    […] folder 4. Find the “pipboy” folder you made and delete it 5. Download and extract this: http://gearfaces.com/pip-boy-smv700 to your “pipboy” folder (You Have to extract the file after you download it and extract […]

  • agents5116

    I’m gonna be honest. This is probably the most bad-ass thing I’ve ever seen. I liked it so much I immediately applied it to my watch, then proceeded to create an account here just so i could tell you how much I loved this. Haha.
    live, love and play FALLOUT!!!

  • motive

    Thanks! Im glad you enjoy it!

  • clocktower

    Is this compatible with the new version of watch styler?

  • liquidshine

    Such a great job on this I love this gear face! But I would like to know if you plan on updating this so it has a weather feature?

  • motive

    Watch styler doesn’t support weather at the moment. But if it does it will be in the works for sure.

  • TheClarkeAsylum

    I’ve only had my gear for one day and, having found this, I think It’s peaked already! Thank you for making it

  • TheClarkeAsylum

    Is there any chance you could add a seconds count to this 12hr version please? I’d love to learn how to make my own but don’t know enough about it

  • snmslrc

    Awesome face motive! thanks for it. hey, is there a way you could make another one but with the background lines transparent? i was gonna try using it as a widget with nova launcher and put the pip-boy live wallpaper as the background behind it. Thank you again!

  • jzamarripa

    This is the best watch face out there, thank you!

  • wiccan2

    Hi, I love this watch face. I’ve converted it over to a WGT for native Tizen.
    If Motive doesn’t mind I’d like to post it on this site.
    My version uses the same graphics but has seconds being displayed.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t show the blue tooth status but I’m working on it.
    Keep up the good work.

  • kidchocobo

    Hello, is this theme compatible with the gear neo? `cause im about to buy one, but if it isnt its good enough reason to buy the galaxy gear 1 o gear 2 instead hahaha.

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